Career information

Occupations Technical position (site construction management), design, CAD, on-site support, sales
Salary Career-track employment monthly salary 211,000 yen (including benefits)General employment monthly salary 194,000 yen (including benefits) / According to the performance of employees having joined the company April 2016
Required qualifications People expecting to graduate from vocational school, technical college, junior college, university, graduate school in March 2018 (any department available)
Wage increases Once per year (June)
Bonuses 3 times per year (June, September, December)
Other benefits Commuting allowance, overtime allowance, family allowance, qualification acquisition incentive
Welfare and health Full social insurance (employment, health, workers’ injury, employees’ pension), property savings, retirement allowance, company trip, recreation center
Work hours 8: 00 to 17: 00 (work 8 hours)
Holidays and vacations Two full days off weekly, public holidays, New Year’s holidays, founding anniversary, annual paid vacation, bereavement leave
Place of work Jobs available nationwide primarily in the Tokai and Kanto areas
Number of people to be employed Technical positions: 10 people Design, CAD, on-site support Clerical and administrative work: several people
Application Free, recommended
Documents to be submitted Resume, Proof of application for graduation, Transcripts, Health certificate, Letters of recommendation (optional)
Method of selection Written essay, Interview, Document screening, Aptitude test (Items to bring: writing instruments, personal seal)