New Business


Industry’s first aggregate material shipping and sales system capable of accepting payment by card

Product features

・Payment and preliminary inspection using a credit card (VISA, Master, JCB etc.) is easy
・Labor-saving invoice issuance, streamlined customer management
・Operations through a page shown in a web browser
・Allows you to gather and view sales and shipment quantity data
・Reduces the time until deposit of payment
・Arrival time predicted by dump trip operation status system (schedule)
・Transport efficiency increased by dump management using a dump matching system (scheduled)
・Shipment information can be checked from a tablet such as iPad

AP-LINK is the first shipping and sales system in the industry for asphalt aggregate material that allows electronic payment (credit card, etc.). By adding electronic payment as a new payment method in addition to settling bills by issuing invoices and receiving payment, customer management and issuance of invoices has been made more efficient. We can also expect to alleviate the sales risk (corporate credit) to new customers, the risk of undelivered goods, and bill payment demand work.