active role for women at our company

field support

CAD operation


As part of promoting an active role for women at our company, we have established female field support jobs where women are employed to operate heavy equipment, to edit CAD drawings and to assist with construction surveying. In recognition of such activity, we have received various certifications including designation as an “Aichi Female Role Promotion Certified Company” and “Aichi Josei Kagayaki Company (company where women can work with brightness and liveliness)”.

Acceptance of foreign technical interns

International contribution activities

We are engaged in international contribution activities through the transfer of technology as well as technical training for people from other countries through our technical internship training program.

Corporate revitalization

Highly motivated to acquire technology and with a strong sense of duty to return that technology to their home country, the youth and enthusiasm that these young people in their twenties and early thirties have for their jobs can be expected to stimulate our employees, further energize our corporate activities, and lead to improved productivity.

Participation in international marketing

Establishing contacts with the country sending the technical interns opens the door to many possibilities such as doing business with local companies and forming companies in those countries using technical interns as on-site staff.