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Large amount of light, wide light distribution and ability to provide light at large distances by the single light source system

High-density mounting of LED bare chips. Using many adjacent LED lights, the cumulative effect allows the production of a large amount of light. Drawing out the characteristics of LED lighting, this product provides natural lighting while keeping down glare and stark blue-white color. This creates a human friendly light source based on the JIS standard for conventional light bulbs rather than the JIL standard for blue-white color used by other companies. From the LED module, rare even in the world of next-generation lighting, to the lighting unit itself, the product is manufactured on an integrated production line.

LED lighting installation example (day)

LED lighting installation example (night)

Service can also be applied to installations other than lighting

Tennis court lighting, scoreboards, back nets, stadium benches, in-house speakers, lights out warning lights, stadium lighting, electric shock insecticide devices, parking lights, large outdoor clocks, outdoor lighting control boards, transformer equipment, automatic lighting boards, public toilet lighting